owner, art director AND Flower designer

Jessica is passionate about flowers and design.

She uses dried and fresh natural elements in her arrangements to obtain the perfect balance between form and colour. Her ethical approach ensures a sustainable use of materials with great respect for the environment.

After finishing her University studies in 2012, Jesssica was awarded a Diploma of European Florists by Feder Fiori and later that year she achieved a Master in Flower Design in Amsterdam. She launched Olivia Brusca in 2015 on the back of a number of professional experiences and began her multidisciplinary adventure through research projects, stagings and styling, conferences and courses. Jessica unites floral art with design through interactive flower shows, workshops, presentations and demonstrations in showrooms and themed evening for important Fashion Houses. She has written for Italian newspapers and magazines and organizes flower staging for weddings as well as private and company events.

Articles have appeared in Italian magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Clarie, Verde Facile (inserto di CasaFacile), Dalani, Unico Wedding, Abitare Country, Ville & Casali, Gazzetta di Modena. Articles have also featured in online American and Spanish publications such as Bridal Musing, Ivory Tribe, Loverly, Authentic Love Magazine.

Jessica is Olivia Brusca's

Art Director


Product Manager, Graphic designer

Davide is passionate about creativity and mixing techniques and designs and produces simple, elegant, every day artisan pieces, each of which is unique.

Davide graduated from ISIA, Faenza in Design Communication and industrial Products and began his career in urban design at Effettoleva.

He also worked on developing his passion for photography, becoming an official wedding photographer in 2013. In 2015, Davide began working as Marketing Manager for Axel Technology, where he followed the international market. A position as Brand Manager for Nestle’ Italia in 2019 gave him greater experience in the retail sector. In October 2020 he started teaching Design and Technology of materials applied to productive processes for the fashion and textile sector.

Davide is Product Manager

at Olivia Brusca

Olivia Brusca has collaborated with Brands such as